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Maid Agency Introduction
Many maid employers in Singapore today are often frustrated with the high costs of hiring a helper. Adding to the frustration are the many hidden costs, fees & charges often not made crystal clear to the employers in the first place. We shall be the 1st maid agency in Singapore to operate totally different – FEES ARE STRAIGHTFORWARD, CRYSTAL CLEAR & TRANSPARENT.

Due to overwhelming response and queries from you regarding our fees payable, we will state out clearly here with full transparency our final nett amount payable for each of the 2 package options. You may then select either one of the 2 package options (Option A or Option B) to pay for your maid:

PACKAGE OPTION (A) - Agency fee $580 + Maid insurance $299.60 + MOM fee $60 = $939.60 NETT (NO MAID LOAN, NO PLACEMENT FEE & NO ANY OTHER FEES e.g. medical examination fees & transportation fees etc, as we will absorb all these fees).

*Package includes 2-years guarantee with 1 free replacement of maid

PACKAGE OPTION (B) - NO agency fee of $580, NO MOM fee & NO ANY OTHER FEES (e.g. medical examination fees, transportation fees etc) as we will absorb all these fees. We only charge 2 things:

  • Maid's loan (varies from 2 to 4 months maximum. Maximum is capped at 4 months). This is deducted from the maid's salary.

  • Maid Insurance

That’s it. Nothing else.

You shall pay your maid's loan upfront to us. Therefore you DO NOT have to pay salary to your maid for the FIRST 2 - 4 MONTHS. For example, if your maid's loan is 4 months, you DO NOT have to pay her salary for the first 4 months. You will only START to pay salary to your maid on the 5th month and onwards.

Total nett amount payable to us under OPTION (B) => 2 to 4 months maid's salary (Maid's loan) + Maid insurance $299.60 = Final nett amount (NO AGENCY FEE, NO MOM FEE & NO ANY OTHER FEES e.g. medical examination fees & transportation fees etc, as we will absorb all these fees). See example below:

E.g. Your maid's monthly salary is $550 and her loan is 2 months. The total amount payable to us is => 2 months x $550 + Maid insurance $299.60 = $1399.60 NETT

*Package includes 3-years guarantee with 3 free replacements of maid.

**Package Option (B) will apply to all Ex-Singapore maids (Definition of Ex-Singapore maids: Experienced maids who have worked before in Singapore and are currently in their home countries)

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