Maid Name:
Flordeliza Gelacio Canonigo
Ref Code:
Transfer maid
Filipino maid
Place Of Birth:
Cabanatan City
College/Degree (>=13 yrs)
4 (day/month)
English: (Good)

Other Information

Willing to work on off-days with compensation?
this maid is willing to work on off-days.
Number of off-days per month: 4 (day/month)
Able to handle pork?
this maid is able to handle pork.
Able to eat pork?
this maid can eat pork.
Able to care dog/cat?
this maid can take care of dog and cat.
Able to do simple sewing?
this maid can do simple sewing.
Able to do gardening work?
this maid can do gardening.
Willing to wash car?
this maid can do wash car.

Employment Record

Country Employer
Main Duties
2018 2017 Singapore French family Working in a landed household, taking care of 2 kids aged 8 & 10 years old. The children are very disrespectful and lack of discipline
2017 2017 Singapore Hungarian Diplomat Worked in a condo household, looking after 3 kids aged 7, 8 & 10 years old. She worked with this family for 4 months. Employers left Singapore for good, they went back to their home country.
2013 2017 Singapore Filipino family Worked in a condo household, taking care of a newborn baby. She took care of that baby for 4 years. Finished contract
2010 2013 Singapore Indian family Worked in a HDB household, taking care of kids. Finished contract.

Maid Skills

Areas of Work Willingness Experience Evaluation Comments
Care of infants/children She loves kids. Her employers praised her for being trustworthy in caring for their children, and being a great help with helping with their homework at school, and always preparing meals for them.
Care of elderly
Care of disabled
General housework Her employers have praised her for being an industrious, helpful, and responsible worker. and that she is dedicated to her work. She is also independent.
Cooking She is an experienced and self taught cook, she knows how to cook many different western, asian & mediterranean dishes. Her employers have also praised her for being a very good cook.
Language Skill: English & little bit Spanish Speaks and understands English very well. Conversed clearly during the interview

Maid Introduction

1. Adison S/O Andeny "To Whomever It May Concern,
As the employer of Miss , I have had pleasure in knowing her for 2 years. She has been trustworthy in caring for my children, and has been a great help in doing their homework at school, always preparing meals for my children. She is very good cook, industrious, helpful, honest, compassionate, God fearing woman and she is an asset to our family. I feel confident that she will be a good example to many care givers or helpers in the future. She is dedicated to her work, and she has proven to be a responsible person indeed. She is a great help to us in her good attitude and she is respectful.
For this reason, I offer a higher recommendation for without reservation. Sincerely, Adison S/O Andeny"

2. Lily Christofi "This is to certify that Miss G. has been working in my family from OCtober 22, 2005 up to present.
Her main responsibility in our family is to take care of my children as well as doing the household chores including cleaning, washing, ironing clothes, cooking and attending all the needs of my family members. As she performed the above duties we found that she is self-reliant, trustworthy, honest, obedient, easy to deal with, cooperative, God fearing person and hard working. I would greatly recommend Miss G for any employment purposes which may best serve her. - Lily Christofi"

1. Her first job in Singapore was from Jan to Apr 1998 when she worked for Mr Lim. She took care of 2 children aged 2 & 6.
2. She was more successful with her second family, for whom she worked for a full 2 years. There were 4 adults in the family and 1 child aged 6.
3. Her employer from Apr 2000 to July 2001 (1year 3 months) was from the UK. She was taking care of 2 kids aged 7 & 9 years old. Her expatriate employers left Singapore for good, they went back to their home country.
4. She worked for a South African family taking care of a 12month old baby and 2 year old toddler. Her Madam enjoyed cooking and most of the time she would cook for the numerous parties she used to hold. would always help out in cooking and preparation. would learn and pickup from her Madam. She worked with this family for 2-3 months.
5. From Sept 2001 till Jan 2004 (2years 4 months), she worked for an American family with 2 kids aged 5 & 7 years old. Her employers left Singapore for good, they went back to the US.
6. In October 2005 she applied to work in Cyprus where she worked for a Mixed British family for 4+ years. She served 2 adults and 2 kids aged 13 & 14 years old. When she finished her contract she re-applied to Singapore.
7. From June 2010 she started work with a local Indian family, she worked with this family for almost 3 years. Her record with this family is not accurately represented in the MOM employment history, because her employers did not pay Foreign Domestic Worker Levy (Tax) for a period of time.
8. In April 2013 she worked for an Angolan (South African) Diplomat couple. They stayed in a private condo household. She worked with them for 4 months till they left Singapore for good.
9. In 2013 she transferred to a Filipino family staying in a condo household, taking care of a Newborn baby. She worked with this family for 4 years. She finished two contracts, and transferred in 2017.
10. In July 2017 she worked for a Hungarian diplomat family in Singapore, staying in a condo household, looking after their 3 kids aged 7, 8 & 10 years old. Her employers left Singapore for good in November the same year, they went back to their home country.
11. In November 2017 she worked with an Expat Indian family looking after 2 kids aged 6 & 8 years old. Her employers did not provide her enough food, and they only let her sleep around midnight time.
12. In January 2018 she worked for a French family, staying in a landed household looking after 2 kids aged 8 & 10 years old.
13. Currently, Flor is working for Hungarian / Ukrainian family staying in a condo. She is looking after a 6 years old child. This is no issue with Flor at all. It is just that there are changes of the family. The current employer is able to provide a reference for her.

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