Passport photo of Indonesian maid: WATINIH BT CASMUDI WAJI Full body photo of Indonesian maid: WATINIH BT CASMUDI WAJI
  • Passport photo of Indonesian maid: WATINIH BT CASMUDI WAJI
  • Full body photo of Indonesian maid: WATINIH BT CASMUDI WAJI
Maid Name:
Ref Code:
Ex-Middle East maid
Indonesian maid
Date Of Birth:
10-May-1983 (Age: 35 yrs)
Place Of Birth:
151 (cm)
55 (kg)
Marital Status:
Number of Children:
2 Children
Children's Ages
4 & 6 YO
Repatriating Port
High School (10~12 yrs)
0 (day/month)
English: (Little)
Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia: (Good)

Other Information

Willing to work on off-days with compensation?
this maid is willing to work on off-days.
Number of off-days per month: 0 (day/month)
Able to handle pork?
this maid is able to handle pork.
Able to eat pork?
this maid can't eat pork.
Able to care dog/cat?
this maid can take care of dog and cat.
Able to do simple sewing?
this maid can do simple sewing.
Able to do gardening work?
this maid can do gardening.
Willing to wash car?
this maid can do wash car.

Employment Record

Country Employer
Main Duties
2016 2018 United Arab Emirates GENERAL HOUSEWORK, COOKING & WASH CAR

Maid Skills

Areas of Work Willingness Experience Evaluation
Care of infants/children
Care of elderly
Care of disabled
General housework

Maid Introduction

Watinih Bt Casmudi Waji is a experience Indonesian FDW.
She is 33 years old and divorced with 2 children.
She is the eldest among her sibling.
Pleasant and polite girl.

Has worked in Saudi for 2 years as housemaid. They lived in flat house with 2 adult & 3 children. Her job is general housework & cooking.
Able to handle household chores.

Can cook Indonesian & Arabian dishes.
(sayur assam, soup, chap chai, fried noodle, fried rice, fried chicken, fried fish, sayur lodeh, curry chicken, briyani, kabsa, macaroni, pasta, soto, makmus & etc)
Keen to learn local dishes.
Able to handle pork.

Has experience looking after own children.
Able to handle children & elderly.

Not afraid of dogs.

No HP & No Off days.
Skype & Telephone interviews are available.

Maid Agency: Unistarr Employment Pte Ltd

(License No.: 15C7448)

Address: Bukit Timah Shopping Centre,
170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #01-33, Singapore 588179
Tel: 6314 4252 / 9723 4920 / 8338 5359
Fax: -
Email: Maid Agency Email 
Contact Person: Mr Steve / Ms Rina / Ms Jay
Handphone: +65 97234920
Office Hour: Monday - Friday: 11:00am to 7:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11.00am to 4.00pm

Unistarr Employment provides Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) from Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Manipur, Mizoram & Myanmar. 
We have New, Transfer, Experienced in Singapore and Experienced in overseas FDWs. 

We are a licensed maid agency approved by Ministry of Manpower (Singapore). 
Our FDWs are from licensed overseas agents with training centres equipped with the necessary requirements.
Unistarr is formed by a group of professionals to provide quality service to employers seeking FDWs. 
The team identified many employers lamenting about their FDWs and it was usually a case of mismatch since the requirements of the employers were not met. 
Unistarr prioritizes the needs of the employers above all to enhance the situation.

We provide training for our maids in Singapore.
Maids will be exposed to electrical items, cleanliness & cooking.

We provide after-service to our employers and follow up with our customers. 

We provide counselling and solutions for the maids when there are any issues.


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Maid Agency:
Unistarr Employment Pte Ltd
Contact Person:
Mr Steve / Ms Rina / Ms Jay
+65 97234920

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