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  • maid photo of DWI, IN-EX-036
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    Indonesian maid
    Divorced(46) maid data in 7 days.

    Ref: IN-EX-036

    Ex-Singapore maid
    Height: 159 (cm)
    Weight: 53 (Kg)
    Religion: Muslim
    Education: High School
    Available: 2 weeks upon confirmation

    DWI has been working 2 years in Taiwan, and 8 years in Singapore. She has experience looking after elderly and children.

    She can speak fluent English and Malay, and understand some basic Mandarin.

    She can cook simple Indian and Chinese food. She prefer NOT to handle pork.

    For her next job, she prefer to look after children, and her asking salary is $650 with all Sunday off.

    Her ex Indian employer's comments:
    She has proved to be a loyal, diligent and trustworthy employee. She shows initiative and works well without any supervision.
  • maid photo of Mar Mar, MM-EX-060
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    Myanmar maid
    Single(33) maid data in 7 days.

    Ref: MM-EX-060

    Ex-Singapore maid
    Height: 156 (cm)
    Weight: 49 (Kg)
    Religion: Budddhist
    Education: College/Degree
    Available: 2 weeks upon confirmation
    Location: Myanmar

    Mar Mar has worked 10 years in Singapore, finished a 5 year and a 3 year contract.

    She did not finish her college (major in law), and she can speak fluent English. She can also cook many kinds of Chinese food.

    2009 Chinese employer. Finished 2 months only
    2009-2012 Chinese employer, 3 adults in a bungalow. Cooking and cleaning. Finished 3 years
    2012-2017 Chinese employer. 3 people in HDB. Take care 93 year old ahma in wheelchair. Shower for her, bring to polyclinic, go market etc. Finished 5 years plus
    2018 Chinese employer. Ahma is very sick with different types of infection. She asked employer to hire a nursing care giver and transfer instead. 1 day only.
    2018-2019 Chinese employer. 4 people in bungalow. Finished 10 months only because her mother is sick.

    For her next job, she wants to take care elderly, or a family with all adults or bigger kids. Her asking salary is $650+50 (2 Sunday off).
  • maid photo of Catherine, PH-EX-014
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    Filipino maid
    Married(37) maid data in 7 days.

    Ref: PH-EX-014

    Ex-Singapore maid
    Height: 150 (cm)
    Weight: 58 (Kg)
    Religion: Catholic
    Education: Secondary Level
    Suitable for: childcare
    Available: 6 weeks processing time
    Location: Philippines

    Catherine has worked 6 years for 1 employer in Singapore, taking care a boy since newborn. She can speak fluent English, and can cook basic Chinese food.

    Her asking salary is $650+$50 for 2 Sunday off.
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