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  • maid photo of GABRIEL CHERLIT., NIRC 386 ( ex- Saudi Arabia)

    Filipino maid
    Single (37)
    NIRC 386 ( ex- .
    Upd on 14-01-2018

    New/Fresh maid
    Height: (cm)
    Weight: (Kg)
    Religion: Catholic
    Education: High School
    Cherlita is 36 years old ,single.
    She has a positive outlook in life and eager to come and work in Singapore.She had shown the interest to learn and give her best if given the chance to have employer. She had experience as a factory worker & worked as a helper in the Philippines. Hardworking, patient and humble in nature. She has a reasonable height and size to look after for the children and elderly care. Knowledgeable in handling children even she is a single. She can cook Filipino foods well like pork soup, chicken macaroni soup, porridge, beehoon, pasta, spaghetti , fried fish and steam rice. She is able to read and follow the recipe books as well. Matured and independent worker. Willing to accept any job may offer on her. Pleasant with fair complexion. Excellent.

    If you find her suitable please do call us.

    Thank you.

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