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  • maid photo of VANLALBIAKI, MSMM 3884

    Indian maid
    Divorced (29)
    MSMM 3884
    Upd on 20-01-2018

    Ex-Singapore maid
    Height: (cm)
    Weight: (Kg)
    Religion: Christian
    Education: High School
    She is a humble and an active maid from Mizoram India,Even though she's lacked of experienced in Singapore but She's still continue dreaming for her family Sake,She had 1 year and 8 months working experienced as a maid in Singapore which is she does cooking,housekeeping and Children care ,under her 2 different Chinese Employer.She can cook Mizo food and some variety of chinese food and other cuisines.

    1st Employer worked for 2 Months,Her daily routine are Cooking,housekeeping and Children care.She can't cope up the work,So she asked for transfer.

    2nd Employer worked for 1 Year and 6 months ,The family of 6 Members.3 adults and 3 Children those are 8 years old twins and 6 years young .She does cooking and housekeeping but her first priority is to supervise Children,assist them to fed and others else.

    She's willing to take care of an Elderly person or an infant care and pets too.And willing to work in a big house with an another maid.

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