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  • maid photo of Angelita Fernan., 1STCLASS A409

    Filipino maid
    Married (39)
    1STCLASS A409
    Upd on 04-03-2018

    Transfer maid
    Height: (cm)
    Weight: (Kg)
    Religion: Catholic
    Education: High School
    Family Background:
    Angelita motivated to continue work in Singapore in order to provide for her daughter's daily expenses and further education in Philippines.

    Working Experience:
    Angelita is an Experienced domestic helper who has worked in Singapore for almost 5 years and 2 years in
    Saudi Arabia.

    Current Employer:
    2015 to 2018:
    Her main job scope includes taking care the employer's 2 children - a 4 years old son and newborn baby daughter .

    Other duties includes household chores & cooking.
    She has worked 3 years for this employer.


    1) Her experience includes mainly taking care of newborn babies. She also taken care of young children before.

    2) She has a good employment history of completing contracts with her employer.

    Angelita is a High School Graduate and can write and speak English.

    She can cook Chinese & Western food well and is willing to learn to cook other cuisine. She is also very good at baking.

    She can start work in April 2018

    Promotional Rates on Agency Fees for month of March 2018

    Pls call 84999454 to arrange a face-to-face interview with her now

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