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  • maid photo of Angelita Fernan., 1STCLASS A409

    Filipino maid
    Married (39)
    1STCLASS A409
    Upd on 20-02-2018

    Transfer maid
    Height: (cm)
    Weight: (Kg)
    Religion: Catholic
    Education: High School
    Family Background:
    Angelita motivated to continue work in Singapore in order to provide for her daughter's daily expenses and further education in Philippines.

    Working Experience:
    Angelita is an Experienced domestic helper who has worked in Singapore for almost 5 years and 2 years in
    Saudi Arabia.

    Current Employer:
    2015 to 2018:
    Her main job scope includes taking care the employer's 2 children - a 4 years old son and newborn baby daughter .

    Other duties includes household chores & cooking.
    She has worked 3 years for this employer.


    1) Her experience includes mainly taking care of newborn babies. She also taken care of young children before.

    2) She has a good employment history of completing contracts with her employer.

    Angelita is a High School Graduate and can write and speak English.

    She can cook Chinese & Western food well and is willing to learn to cook other cuisine. She is also very good at baking.

    She can start work within 1 week.

    Promotional Rates on Agency Fees for month of Feb 2018

    Pls call 84999454 to arrange a face-to-face interview with her now

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