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  • maid photo of LALCHHUANAWMI, MS02-0418

    Indian maid
    Single (25)
    Upd on 22-05-2018

    New/Fresh maid
    Height: (cm)
    Weight: (Kg)
    Religion: Christian
    Education: High School
    3 Days Promo until 23 May, 2018
    For Free Interview please call :
    (Pls sms for call back with your requirements if lines are busy)

    Orchard ,Far East Shopping :67330407 / 6734 8346 / 6733 8348
    Bukit Timah Shopping Centre :64630407 / 6467 6757
    Lucky Plaza :6737 0018 /6737 0023

    She has experienced working in her own house doing general housework & cooking.

    She can cook Simple food vegetarian dishes such as prata , chapatti, sabhji, curry and more. If taught, she is still willing to learn more recipes.

    She can take care of children. She assist them in feeding, bathing, doing home works, and teaching them to do basic house hold chores in there house.

    She cleans the whole house. She will always clean the bed rooms and the bathrooms.
    She can also do mopping, ironing, washing of clothes by hand or using the washing machine, and she is the on e keeping the clothes inside the covers. She is knowledgeable in using electronic appliances such as vacuum, washing machine, rice cooker, blender etc.

    She took care of her grandmother age 78 years old .willing to learn to gain more experience and take care of elderly.

    She is patient, humble, obedient and hardworking.

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