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  • maid photo of LAIM SEANG Y, CMB 0081

    Single (29)
    CMB 0081
    Upd on 19-05-2018

    Height: (cm)
    Weight: (Kg)
    Religion: Budddhist
    Education: Secondary Level
    LAIM SEANG Y is 28 years old.

    She has had 4 years experience in Cambodia as helper.


    She's willing to take care of elderly.

    She can take care pets and do gardening.

    She can do all general housework cleaning, mopping, vacuuming, cooking,washing etc.

    She's willing to learn local food as well.

    She wanted at one off day and limited hand phone usage.

    She would like to come and work in Singapore to support her family.

    Call 92741810 before she is taken by others!

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