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  • maid photo of SUSANTRI, ID06-0918

    Indonesian maid
    Divorced (30)
    Upd on 20-06-2018

    Ex-Singapore maid
    Height: (cm)
    Weight: (Kg)
    Religion: Muslim
    Education: Secondary Level
    Susantri is 30 years old, divorced with one 9 year old child, a Muslim and has over 7 years of relevant work experience.

    Apart from doing generally good housekeeping such as in general cleaning, using of all electrical appliances, washing the car and grocery marketing, she is also experienced in taking care of elders.

    She also has a love of taking care of children and infants. She is able to play, clothe, feed and take care of their wellbeing.

    She is able to cook a variety of Indonesian and Chinese cuisine. It has been said her dishes are very delicious based on feedback from her friends and family.

    She is quite fluent in speaking bahasa indonesia and can speak and understand basic English.

    She is also very hardworking and dedicated to her job

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