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Bestmaid.com.sg is a Maid Agency platform. The mission of Bestmaid is to help Singapore families choose the most reliable maid agency and select the right maid from a large pool of Filipino maid, Indonesian maid, Myanmar maid, Indian maid, and Transfer maid.

Hiring a suitable foreign domestic worker (FDWs) or maid through maid agency has been an important task for Singapore families with new born, young children and elderly care needs. However, finding the proper maid agency in Singapore involves with lots of time and energy. Singapore employers will have to run through numerous maid agencies in different shopping centers, read through tons of hard copies of maid bio-data. This motivates Bestmaid to come and help.

This maid agency website will not only help Singapore employers find the right maid agency and suitable maid, but also use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and other Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to automate the form filling of maid biodata, paper works and other documents, and hence greatly increase maid agency's efficiency, and also reduces the workload of employers to find the right maid agency and maid.

This maid agency website presents a comprehensive list of maid agencies who are officially registered with Ministry of Manpower (MOM). This platform provides a comprehensive selection of Filipino maid, Indonesian maid, Myanmar maid, Indian maid, Sri Lankan maid through their maid agency. There are also maids from Sri Lanka, Mizoram, Bangladesh, Punjabi and Burmese maids in Singapore available through this portal.

In addition, this maid agency online platform includes an extensive selection of ex-Singapore and experienced maids. Every maid biodata on our portal comes from the Singapore MOM-registered maid agencies with Filipino, Myanmar, Indonesian, Indian, and Sri Lankan maid and also the Punjabi, Mizoram, Bangladeshi, Burmese, and Mizoram maid.

We also provide this facility to help setup the online interviews between maid agency, Singapore family and maid. This platform helps Singapore families feel the finding of the right maid agency a little more exciting.
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