Jayyne Employment Agencies

(License No.: 11C4275)
Jayyne Employment Agencies is Indian Maid Agency with 1527 Indian Maids available. Jayyne Maids is also Myanmar Maid Agency, and they have 61 Myanmar Maids available. Meanwhile, Jayyne Maids is Filipino Maid Agency with 19 Filipino Maids to be deployed to maid Employers. Additionally, Jayyne Maids is also Indonesian Maid Agency with 2 Indonesian Maids available for Employers to setup interviews.
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Address: 61 KAKI BUKIT AVE 1 #04-01,
Singapore 417943
Contact Person: JAYYNE
Handphone: 9789-8162
Website: www.bestmaid.com.sg
Office Hour: 10:00am to 8:00pm
Maid Agency Introduction

Our services provided for employment of foreign workers

  • Assist in the application of Industrial Classification who are employing foreign workers for the first time
  • Assist in the application for In-Principle Approval (IPA) for work permit (WP), Spass (SP) or employment pass (EP)
  • Assist  in arranging for the employer to interview interested workers 
  • Arrange for the medical check-up,medical insurance and security bond
  • Arrange for cancellation/renewal and collection of work permit, employment passor Spass
  • Arrange for the workers to register at the Work Pass Service Centre (WPSC) for thumb print taking
  • Offer transportation services for the workers from changi airport to their quarters or respective homes
  • Offer full support, and give solutions to any problems that occur throughout the period of employment
  • Assist in repatriation of workers upon expiry or termination of the employment agreement
  • Help the employer in looking for suitable  lodging for the workers when needed
  • Take care of administrative matters related to Ministry Of Manpower (MOM) so long as workers are in employment with the employer
  • Assist in arrange for free replacement of workers when needed

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