Anglo Nurses Pte Ltd

(License No.: 17C8737)
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Address: 1, Lower Kent Ridge Road, #02-14,
Nuh Medical Centre,
Singapore 119082
Tel: 66460000
Contact Person: Vincent / Kate
Handphone: 66460000
Office Hour: Weekdays 11AM - 5PM
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays
Maid Agency Introduction

For our experienced caregivers (>2 years) or Mandarin-speaking caregivers, please refer to our following webpage:

Trained or Experienced in Caregiving

All our trained caregivers hold a TESDA National Certificate II in Caregiving or equivalent qualifications.

Our experienced caregivers have 2 to 16 years of experience caring for elderly with conditions such as stroke, dementia, cancer or prior falls.

They possess the caregiving skills in caring for persons who are wheelchair-bound, bedbound and ambulant with assistance.

Some may have prior experience in care areas such as Nasogastric Tube Feeding, Oral Suctioning, Trachea Suctioning, giving injections, caring for urinary catheter, wound care, stoma care and assisting with oxygen therapy.

English, Mandarin or Malay-speaking

All our caregivers can converse with your loved ones in English or Malay.

We also provide a group of specialised caregivers who can converse well in Mandarin. 

Employment History

For caregivers with experience, we look for caregivers with good employment histories, having completed 1 or multiple contracts in nursing homes or in the elderly's home. 

We provide you with their employment records in Singapore from the MOM portal, employer feedback, employment certificates, arrival and departure stamps where available.

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