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Contact Person: Eunice Lee
Handphone: 6993 7872
Website: powers.com.sg
Office Hour: Monday to Saturday: 9AM to 7PM
Maid Agency Introduction
Powers Employment is Singapore’s best maid agency with a strong focus on meeting home care needs. We are passionate, energetic and compassionate. We envision comfortable living for working people, the elderly, or sweet little children. Our unwavering dedication to understanding the client sets us apart from others. Hiring our tailor-made services is bound to make life easier. Our domestic helpers share our goals and vision to do better and remain diligent with work. Powers Employment specialists commit to employer needs rendered through a lens of sensitivity.

"Tired of coming back to a dirty house?"

You shouldn't have to work hard all day only to return home and frown at the mess invading your space. We know that housekeeping presents a daunting challenge. It’s time-consuming, boring, and exhausting. We recognize the importance of a reliable helper who takes care of your home. Our premium services cater for the client’s comfort and convenience in mind. We are customer oriented, driven by passion, and united by experience. Our goal is to take the burden of housekeeping off your shoulders through the skill set of trained maids.
Online client-helper interview

Before hiring a potential housekeeper, jump on an online or telephonic interview. Employers can interact with their housekeepers, build an understanding and ask relevant questions. In case you aren’t satisfied, let us know and we will look for someone more suited to your requirements.

Assistance with work permit application

Eager to bring a helper abroad from your home country but not sure how to? Let us handle it for you. We’re coveted experts at creating successful work permit applications. We help many individuals find work with people that share their values and culture. To top it off, we will also oversee embassy endorsement to ensure that helpers don’t face any bumps in the road. Or, in case you need to cancel your current work permit, our professionals will assist you with that as well.
Medical overview

We care for the people who work for others. Needless to say, the well-being of our endorsed helpers means everything. At the same time, we strive to provide housekeepers in good health and able to take on hefty in-house tasks. Each helper goes through a thorough check-up that is fully compliant with MOM guidelines.
Holidays and Back-Home Trips

Is your helper looking forward to vacation back home? Or do they need to visit their family? Our professionals will assist your housekeeper with the necessary paperwork.

Contract Renewal

Are you one of the lucky ones who consider their housekeeper's family? You wouldn't want to let go of someone hard-working and reliable. We help to renew your contract so neither party has to worry about complicated paperwork.

Pick up Service

Tight on schedule? Allow us to take the lead and drive your new helper right to your residency. Our representatives reach the airport to receive your new house help so you don’t have to make time.


Powers Employment pride themselves based on a solid foundation of integrity. We advocate complete transparency. We surpass industry benchmarks through a personalized approach to domestic worker services.


When you hire us, we deem it our utmost responsibility. The impressions made by helpers and housekeepers endorsed on our behalf matter to us. This is exactly why we aren’t afraid to take leaps for the client’s sake. From constant online support to quick response times, we’ve got your back, no matter what.

Zero exploitative charges and no hidden motives! Honesty is what defines us. We are reasonable and remain trustworthy so you’re never in the dark.

Our Difference

Powers Employment Pte Ltd not only connects clients with in-house helpers. Instead, we go the extra mile to ensure your access to the right resources. Our company flaunts a spot-free history of professional excellence and client satisfaction. From the moment you hire us, we will ease you till the very end and beyond. This includes help on hiring, interviewing, rehiring, and more. In fact, you can even use our services to bring a preselected helper to Singapore from your hometown. Our specialists serve with complete dedication through unwavering commitment to quality.
Why do hundreds of people trust us?

Unlike traditional maid hiring agencies, we take pride in our services. To us, there is no greater satisfaction than helping people by easing their burdens. Powers Employment is an industry leader for various other reasons. Every specialist and housekeeper on our panel is very experienced. We have a foolproof network for a paralleled verification system for fact-checking. Such that, whenever someone provides their resume, we run in-depth background checks. Not to mention our personalized training regime fastens helpers to household management in Singapore.

"We’re always here when you need us"

We understand that confusions do happen, we strive our best to assist you. In the rare chance you find yourself unsatisfied, we’ll go beyond to change that. Communication issues with your employers or your expectations aren’t met, let us know. Our specialists will contact you immediately to answer important questions and resolve your situation.

Skilled and professional maid

Our maids have undergone extensive training before the deployment to your home in Singapore. With the training, we believe our maids can deliver satisfactory services to you.

Extra pair of helping hands

Whether it is an elderly folk, a new-born baby or a disabled family member, our maids are capable of giving you the help you need. It is always good to have an extra person to help out in these types of scenarios.

Best maid agency Software

Producing excellent services is of paramount importance at Express Maid. Our relentless pursuit of quality will ensure you a good experience with us.


The elderly deserve nothing short of compassionate care. We empower older individuals through trained in-house helpers who share our values.

Elderly care is one of our specialties and our endorsed helpers are gentle. Only the most qualified people to support you or your loved one coping with the throes of aging.


Trusting strangers around children is a big no. Your precious kids need to be in trusted hands. It’s also impossible for you to be around them all the time with a tight work schedule.

At the same time, your child deserves our compassionate child care helpers. We only hire individuals so that you have peace of mind whenever you leave the house.

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