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Address: 10A, JALAN TAMPANG,
Singapore 758955
Tel: 88226966
Contact Person: Chloe
Handphone: 88226966
Website: tailormaid.sg
Office Hour: Monday to Saturday: 9AM to 6PM
Maid Agency Introduction

Beyond the standard stuff, you can expect us to go the extra mile for you and your foreign domestic worker when it comes to services and support.
Tailormaid Services

Say you’re looking for someone to take care of your kids. What will you look out for? Nationality? Appearance? Years of experience? But have you considered that different countries have different methods of upbringing?

We have.

First things first, we'll meet you for a detailed consultation to understand your needs and expectations.

From there, we'll start sourcing for the helpers based on your requirements.

After understanding your requirements, we will start the activation of sourcing from our end. Mainly to 3 parts:

First part: Qualifying of candidates that wish to apply under your employment base on your requirements. This is the part where most of the candidate are filtered.

The second part: Qualifying base on their employment history, personal background, family & spouse details (health & financial), Health conditions and even Singapore employment history. Here’s where candidates are drop due to complicated & unstable background.

The last part: Qualifying towards their characters & attitudes to see if they are fit to be employ as a foreign domestic worker under Tailormaid. Candidates that are arrogant, unreceptive, stubborn basically towards the unpleasant characters or behaviours will not meet the bar.

We will then proceed to propose the potential Tailormaid® (comes down to the best fit/match to your requirements) to you with their Bio-data/Proposal. Each proposal is explicit, provided with context to aid your decision making. It will be brutally honest even if it means jeopardising their chance of employment. We believes, transparency, best policy.

We'll then arrange an interview with the candidates who you deemed potentials. And infact, we insist your family membeers to joined into the interview too! The purpose is for both parties to understand each other better and see if there's a "connection".

Once you've decided to engage the candidate, we'll take care of all the mandatory compliance documentation.

In short, our helpers are matched to you base on YOUR household requirements and YOUR household needs.
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