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(License No.: 21C0862)
Jans Maid And Employment Agency is Indonesian Maid Agency with 24 Indonesian Maids available. Jans Maid is also Myanmar Maid Agency, and they have 7 Myanmar Maids available.
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Address: 1001 Lower Delta Road #01-02,
Teresa Ville,
Singapore 099307
Tel: 8756 7078 / 8759 7078 / 97707078
Contact Person: Syaza / Noraini
Handphone: 8756 7078 / 8759 7078 / 97707078
Website: jansmaid.com
Office Hour: Mon - Sat: 11.00am - 7.00pm
Maid Agency Introduction
Jans Maid And Employment Agency (21C0862)

Our Services

Each home has different setting. Jans Maid believes in pairing the right domestic helper with the right home. We have a very good maid training center where domestic helper train for at least three months before their biodata are made available for selection.

We at Jans Maid & Employment Agency assist you with the renewal of your domestic helper’s work permit, re-issue of their passport, cancellation of their work permit, as well as home leave, exit pass, professional work permit and Malaysian work permit application. Jans Maid is your one-stop resource for all your household needs, allowing you to have an ease of mind.

Foreign Domestic Worker

    Sri Lanka


    Infant Care
    Elderly Care
    Home Cleanliness
    Daily chores
    Settling-In Programme


    Airport Services / Maid Arrival
    Ferry Terminal Services
    Maid Arrival
    Work pass services

Work Permit Renewal
Passport Renewal
Home Leave Processing
Professional Workpass
Exit Pass Processing
Malaysian Work Permit

About Us

We believe that every employer is unique.  Rest assure that you will receive the best and personalized services from us.  We will personally interview and screen all our domestic helper and assess their strengths and abilities to match our customers.  Our domestic helper is handpicked according to your criteria. Our domestic helpers are trained two months before they are available for selection.

At JANS Maid and Employment Agency, customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities.

JANS Maid has an extensive pool of domestic helpers from INDONESIA, INDIA, SRI LANKA & MYANMAR.

Using our comprehensive screening process and training, we ensure that all domestic helpers are capable of caring for your family.

Our Working Process

Jans Maid's Unique Process Of Helping Families Find The Most Suitable Helper.

We Make Finding Your Ideal Helper Simple And Pleasant In Just 4 Simple Steps.


From our database of domestic helper, We will select and screen the domestic helper candidate

based on their key information given to us by the employer before the interview.


Both helper & employer are assisted by our support team in completing the necessary documentation.

Training & Medical Screening

Additional help will be rendered by JANS Maid once she is flown into Singapore. We will again brief the domestic helper

about the setting of HDB flats and how to adapt to live in Singapore as a domestic helper.

The medical examination screens the helper for 4 types of infectious diseases (tuberculosis, HIV, syphilis and malaria) and checks if she is fit to work.

You can send her for more tests if you have specific concerns about her health.


As soon as your helper arrives at your home, she is equipped with the skills and knowledge you need for home care.
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Licensed employment agency

Awarded Comprehensive Employment Agency Licence by The Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM), for the recruitment, training and placement of jobs for all types of employment and for all nationality within Singapore

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