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(License No.: 16C7967)
Jobs And Staff Pte Ltd is Filipino Maid Agency with 112 Filipino Maids available. Jobs And Staff is also Indonesian Maid Agency, and they have 22 Indonesian Maids available. Meanwhile, Jobs And Staff is Myanmar Maid Agency with 8 Myanmar Maids to be deployed to maid Employers.
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Address: 50 targore Lane #05-04,
Singapore 787494
Tel: 66330733
Contact Person: Jude / Karen
Handphone: +65 8925 4089
Office Hour: Monday to Friday : 10:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday : 10:00am 2:00pm
Sunday : Closed
Public Holiday : Closed
Maid Agency Introduction
Thank you for visiting our profile. We will do our best to match you with the most suitable helper to your family's requirements. 
We do not charge the workers any placement fees OR loans. 
How does not charging the worker benefit the employer? 
For a few good reasons: 
1) We do not "recycle" workers - What this means is unlike typical employment agencies, we are not financially tied to placing any particular workers and have no incentives to place workers that may not be suitable for your family or to be employed as a domestic worker in general. Example: the worker took a loan while in their home country and she has not paid off the loan, so the agency has to find her a job or face the prospect of a financial loss. 
2) Our interests and goals are aligned with the employer and worker - We do not charge the worker any fees, so it's in our best interest to increase the probability of a successful placement. With the MOM's regulation of 50% refund of service fee within 6 months of placement, we stand to risk refunds for reckless placement. Referring back to point 1), with usual employment agency practices, agencies profit from both the employer and worker ( in most cases, the worker pays more), and employers cannot be certain of a transparent and fair placement by the agency. 
We believe in putting our best effort to understand and pair both employers'' requirements and our candidates'' experience and skills at a fair fee.
3) Debt Bondage - What is Debt Bondage? 
Debt bondage is the pledge of a person's services as security for the repayment for a debt / loan. Also known as bonded labour or debt slavery, workers are told they can pay off a loan of their own by working. The person ( agent) who holds the debt has thus control over the worker, whose freedom of employment is defined by the person owning the debt. Failure to repay the debt will usually result in family members bearing the outstanding amount with (usually) interest. Effectively exposing the most vulnerable group of workers to even more danger. From a humanity and employment prospective - a happy worker is a good worker. 
About Goodhire ( Jobs and Staff Pte Ltd) 
We are an employment agency registered as a Social Enterprise with raiSE Singapore. We are also an investee of Honest Jobs - a Hong Kong charitable organisation arm with the social mission of providing market solutions against Debt Bondage. 

Transfer Helper Fee - from 1488.00 

Ex-Singapore Indonesian Helpers Fee - from 2200.00

New/ Ex-Singapore / Ex-Abroad Filipino Helpers Fee - from 2800.00 

For more information: Please call us at 66330733 / 8925 4089,  Whatsapp:, Email:

Jobs and Staff Pte Ltd is an Accredited Recruitment Agent with the Philippines Embassy and Licensed with MOM ( 16C7967) 
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