Full body photo of Bangladeshi maid: Akter Morjina
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Akter Morjina
New maid
Bangladeshi maid
English: (Little)
Hindi: (Good)
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Full body photo of Bangladeshi maid: Akter Morjina
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Maid Agency: Reliance Resources & Services

(License No.: 13C6479)

#07-173, COMPASSVALE CAPE, Singapore 543287
Tel: 9327-7550
Fax: 6677-8800
Contact Person: Pardeep Joshi
Handphone: 9327-7550
Office Hour: 8:00am to 10:00pm

Reliance Resources & Services is an MOM registered maid agency. In Reliance Resources & Services, we specialize in providing high quality Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) or Maids from India, Nepal, Philippines,Indonesia,Bangladesh& Myanmar. In association with other agencies, we maintain a large database of profiles of trained and disciplined Maids and we play an important role in training up the maids so that they can adapt themselves to varying environs of their new places of work and respect and adhere to the governmental regulations.

It is also our responsibility to see that the employers understand their responsibility and social accountability towards their workers so that the employer and the worker maintain an atmosphere conducive to fulfilling their mutual contractual obligations satisfactorily.

Seeking an ideal Housemaid for customers’ needs is a prerequisite for maintaining a harmonious and peaceful home. We provide customers with reliable, honest and responsible housemaids who shoulder the responsibility of most of household chorus, including moping house, dusting, sweeping and cleaning clothes.

We also take pride to see that where differences reported between an employer and worker we intervene so that their problems are heard and resolved and if need arises the maid is replaced for the benefit of the employer.

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Maid Agency:
Reliance Resources & Services (License No.:13C6479)
Contact Person:
Pardeep Joshi

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