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Able to handle pork?
this maid is able to handle pork.
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this maid can't eat pork.

Employment Record

Country Main Duties
2009 2011 Malaysia Apartment 2 rooms.7 family members mam,sir and 4 children and me in the house.generel housekeeping ,cooking and ironing of clothes,take care4 children send and pick up them to the school. compeleted,worked 3years.then i go back
2013 2014 United Arab Emirates bunglow the big house.the biggest family members sir 2 mams,10 children,3 helpers and me in the house.only ironing of clothes and take care 2 children. compeleted, 2 years 2 months.
2016 2018 Hong Kong apartment 2 rooms,mam,2 children and me in the house.generel housekeeping,cooking,take care 2 children and pick up the children from the school. compeleted,worked 2 years.
2022 2022 Hong Kong apartment 2rooms.3 family members sir ahma and me in the house.generel housekeeping,cooking, and take care ahma 95 Yo [she is strokes] worked only 7 months.because i am sick and cannot working.so i ask to go back.

Maid Skills

Areas of Work Willingness Experience Evaluation Comments
Care of infants/children 7 years she has experience working in malasiya,saudi arabia,and hongkong take care children.
Care of elderly 7 months she has experience working in hongkong take care ahma[ she is stroke]
Care of disabled
General housework 7 years she can handle all housekeeping ,cooking,cleaning,ironing and washing clothes.
Cooking 7 years she can cook indonesia food,chinese food,malay food.
Language Skill: cantonese 7 years she can speak bahasa,malay,cantonese and basic english.

Maid Introduction

she have experince working in malasia,saudi arabia,honkkong,generel housekeeping,cooking and ironing of clothes,take care ahma and take care children. she can speak bahasa,malay,english and cantonese. she is looking forward to find new family to work for. she will do her best if the employer choose her.
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5 Star Maids (Best Employment) (License No.:13C6689)
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