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Other Information

Able to handle pork?
this maid is able to handle pork.
Able to eat pork?
this maid can eat pork.

Maid Skills

Areas of Work Willingness Experience Evaluation Comments
Care of infants/children 2 Year(s) She hv experience with her nephews 1 and 3 years old and she hv study caregiver so she can do very well.
Care of elderly 2 Year(s) She hv experience with her own Grandfather 93 years old and certificate for elderly also so she can do very well.
Care of disabled 2 Year(s) She willing to take care and she want to try her best
General housework 2 Year(s) She can do very well like cleaning, cooking, washing and ironing.
Cooking 2 Year(s) She can cook only Myanmar foods and she willing to learn Chinese cooking.

Maid Introduction

WORKING EXPERIENCE / She hv experience as a nurse aid, WORKER HOSPITAL in YANGON about 1 years. Her duty is take-care the patient like check blood pressure, check temperature, check oxygen level, change diver, change clothes, change position, give food, give medicine, sponging, tube feeding, change urine peg, wash their hair, do exercise, massage, go toilet with them, clean for them, move bed to wheelchair. Now she working as a part time and full time as a home care. And she hv experience at the hospital about 1 years with patient. She take-care like oral care, sponging, give lotion and powder, massage, do exercise, change position, tube feeding, give medicine, cut the nail, change clothes, clean for him, change urine peg like that.

General house work she can do very well like cleaning, cooking, washing and ironing. She can cook only Myanmar foods but she willing to learn Chinese cooking. She can cook like chicken, pork, beef, fish, fried rice, fried noddle, fried fish, porridge, vegetable and soup like that.
She not afraid of dog and cat.
She can do hand washing and hand mopping.
She can eat everything.
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Maid Agency: Skyfu Maid

(License No.: 18C9429)

Address: 3 South Bouna Vista, #01-29,
Viva Vista Shopping Mall, Singapore 118136
Tel: 68989808 / 88347937/92259898
Contact Person: Fei Fei/Kay
Handphone: 8834-7637 / 9225-9898
Office Hour: MONDAY - SUNDAY
11:00am - 9:00pm
(Inclusive of Public Holiday)

• We provide domestic workers placement services from Philippines, Myanmar & Indonesia . (Home Service avialable)

• Filipino & Indonesia & Myanmar Agent

• New Burmese Bio Data/New Filipino Bio Data/New Indonesian  Bio Data.

• Chinese Speaking/Cantonese Speaking/English Speaking

• Filipino & Myanmar & Indonesia Specialist

. We offer 0% installment service for repayment of placement fees offered by the selected banks.

• Video Conference Interview available

• Relocation Promotion Fee & Affordable Agency Fee

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Our Service includes : -

*Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) placement with workers include Burma , Philipino, Indonesian & Cambodian.

*Foreign Worker (FW) placement with workers include Malaysian, PRC(Chinese), Indian, Bangladeshi & Vietnamese.

  •     Employment of new/transfer Foreign Domestic Workers. Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) Burma come from Myanmar 🇲🇲, Philipino come from Philippines 🇵🇭, Indonesian come from Indonesia 🇮🇩 & Cambodian come from Cambodia 🇰🇭.
  •     Employment of new/transfer Foreign Workers. Foreign Workers (FW) Malaysian come from Malaysia 🇲🇾, PRC come from China 🇨🇳, Bangladeshi come from Bangladesh 🇧🇩, Indian come from India 🇮🇳 & Vietnamese come from Vietnam 🇻🇳.
  •     Transfer Maid Application.
  •     Application, renewal & cancellation of work permits through the MOM website.
  •     Application of Home Leave/Endorsement & Passport renewal with the relevant embassies.
  •     Purchasing of Medical Personal Accident & Security Bond.
  •     Employer’s Orientation Programme (EOP) which is required by MOM for the 1st time new employers.
  •     Booking of Air Tickets through the travel agent.
  •     Counselling Service.

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Maid Agency:
Skyfu Maid (License No.:18C9429)
Contact Person:
Fei Fei/Kay

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