Ex-Singapore maid
Indonesian maid
English: (Little)
Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia: (Good)

Other Information

Able to handle pork?
this maid is able to handle pork.
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this maid can't eat pork.

Employment Record

Country Main Duties
2019 2020 Singapore General housework, ironing, cooking, marketing, and caring for disabled elderly. Moved through wheelchair, assisting with simple exercises, changing diapers, and bathing. 17 Sep 2019 -06 Apr 2020 HDB (5 ROOMS)
2020 2020 Singapore General housework, washing, ironing, and elderly care who have dementia, changing diapers, bathing, and accompanying to medical appointments. 30 Aug 2020 -28 Oct 2020 HDB (5 ROOMS)
2020 2021 Singapore General housework, cleaning, and taking care of a grandfather aged 75. Showering, feeding, 28 Oct 2020 -15 Jul 2021 LANDED PROPERTY
2020 2021 Singapore General housework, cleaning, caring for a 70 y/o elderly, accompanying them for medical appointments, feeding, moving to bed/wheelchair, going outside with him, and assisting with simple exercises. 28 Oct 2020 -15 Jul 2021 LANDED PROPERTY
2023 2023 Singapore General housework, ironing, washing, marketing, cooking, and childcare for ages 3 & 6. Sending and picking up, taking to the playground, preparing meals/lunch boxes, and playing with them. 07 Jun 2023 -31 Jul 2023 HDB (4 ROOMS)
2023 2023 Singapore General housework, cooking, and caring for a grandfather. Changing diapers, giving medication, bathing, and bringing outside for exercise. 31 Jul 2023 -18 Aug 2023 HDB (4 ROOMS)

Maid Skills

Areas of Work Willingness Experience Evaluation Comments
Care of infants/children
Care of elderly
Care of disabled
General housework
Cooking Willing to learn and can follow recipes
Language Skill: English
Other Skill: Pet care

Maid Introduction

Salma has worked in Singapore, assisting multiple families.

She can cook simple Chinese, Indian, Malay, and Indonesian food, is willing to learn more, and can follow recipes.

Salma took care of bedridden elderly individuals and elderly who had dementia. Her duties involved changing diapers, bathing, preparing meals, taking them outside for a walk, assisting with simple exercises, administering daily medication, and accompanying them to the hospital.

She also has experience in taking care of two children, aged 3 & 6.

Salma describes herself as hardworking, caring, and loving, both with children and the elderly.

Additionally, she completed a Caregiving Training Program in Singapore in the year .
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Maid Agency: Integrity Talent Pte. Ltd.

(License No.: 17C8569)

Address: 20 Collyer Quay,
#23-00, Singapore 049319
Tel: +65 8751 8550
Contact Person: Sao Makino
Handphone: +65 8751 8550
Office Hour: Monday to Saturday: 9AM to 6PM

Who we are
Integrity Talent PTE. LTD. was incorporated in 2017. We specialize in employment of foreign domestic workers. We are licensed and regulated by the Ministry of Manpower, and are committed to conduct our business in a fair and transparent manner.

The founder is Japanese with a background in the field of law and finance. She is also a mother of two children. Knowing how valuable a good domestic helper could be in juggling family and career, she  decided to start this business. She wishes to liberate families from day-to-day chores, widen career options and increase happiness in life.

The Integrity Talent team combines information technology with its expertise in Human Resources. Integrity Talent runs with technology and heart.

Our Mission
To provide, with technology, solutions to our customers with the highest standards of integrity and fairness for global employment.

What we believe in

Doing the right thing even when it’s not the easiest.
We believe that, while every person has unique talent and skills, they should be matched with an opportunity they could feel dignity and self respect.

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Maid Agency:
Integrity Talent Pte. Ltd. (License No.:17C8569)
Contact Person:
Sao Makino

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