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  • maid photo of Puji Setyonings., ONECLICK-IS171E PUJI
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    Indonesian maid


    Ex-Singapore maid
    Height: 155 (cm)
    Weight: 53 (Kg)
    Religion: Muslim
    Education: Secondary Level
    Puji, 35, Single, is cheerful & pleasant. Prior to coming to Singapore, she has worked for a big household in Indonesia as a housemaid for 6 years together with another maid. There are 2 baby girls and 1 4 year old boy in the house. Puji took care of the children and general housekeeping. She came to Singapore in 2006 to work 4 mths for a Chinese family with a 3 yr old boy. After that, she worked 2 years for a Chinese family with a diabetic old lady. She also helped out with the chores of related family members. When her contract finished, she went back to Indonesia to take a break and renew her passport. 2 mths later, she came back to Singapore to work. When her previous employer knew that she is in Singapore, they immediately recalled her back to work for them. Puji is hardworking and can manage all general household chores and cook a variety of dishes such as stir fried vegetables, salted rice, popiah, chicken rice, soy sauce pork and tom yam etc as well as Western dishes. She speaks reasonably good English and understands a little Hokkien. Next She is working for a Eurasian family with 6 adults (including an elderly couple above 80 years old) staying in a bungalow together with another maid. Currently She is working for Chinese family comprising Ah kong and Ah ma is Bedridden,staying in 3-bedrooms flat. Her duties are take care of Ah ma, bathing,change diapers,feeding,give daily medicine,and she also do housekeeping,laundry,ironing,marketing and cooking. The ah mah has passed away and they no longer need a maid. Hence, Puji is now looking for employment.
  • maid photo of Desi Arisandi, OneClick-IM1567 Desi Arisandi
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    Indonesian maid

    Ref: OneClick-IM1567 Desi Arisandi

    Ex-Singapore maid
    Height: 153 (cm)
    Weight: 45 (Kg)
    Religion: Muslim
    Education: High School
    Desi Arisandi, 28, married, Muslim, Indonesian is a kind and pleasant maid who has worked in Taiwan for 5 years and in Singapore for 1 year 1 month. In Taiwan, she took care of grandma who was bedridden who can't talk and was deaf. She also looked after Ah Kong and as well as many children / grand daughters and grandsons that visited the house all the time She can speak Mandarin well. In Singapore she worked for a Chinese family from Feb13 to Apr14, looking after ah Mah in a family with 4 adults. She did all the household chores, cooking, laundry, ironing and groceries shopping. She took care of the elderly and she did all the housework and cooking. She can take care of children and look after the elderly. She left Singapore after 1 year as her mum was not well and she wanted to go back to look after her. She can do housework, clean, wash, laundry, iron, cook and marketing. She can cook curry chicken, pork chop, fried vegetable, beef and fish. mee siam, pork with light soya sauce, dark sauce, oyster sauce, five spice powder egg, chili crab, hokkien mee, steamed fish, water crest soup, old cucumber soup, etc. She would like to return to work in Singapore to support her family.
  • maid photo of Kristiani, HC 1658
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    Indonesian maid

    Ref: HC 1658

    Ex-Singapore maid
    Height: 165 (cm)
    Weight: 52 (Kg)
    Religion: Muslim
    Education: Secondary Level
    Kristiani has 2 years of working experience as a domestic helper in Hong Kong from 2010 till 2012. She worked with a Chinese family of 2 elderly. Her duties were to take care of the elderly, cleaning, ironing, washing and cooking. She has to prepared 3 meals for the elderly and do markerting. She can cook independently. From year 2000 to 2002, she works for a Chinese family of 3 adults in Singapore. She has to do all the household chores and cooking. From year 2009 to 2010, she works for a Chinese family of 2 adults and a 2 years old child, in a 4 storey bungalow house. She takes care of the child and do all household chores and cooking. Kristiani is mature, cheerful and hard working. She will follow all instructions given. She can take care of the elderly. She can speak and understand cantonese.
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