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  • maid photo of Se Thar Mee, ONECLICK-MM1260 MEE
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    Myanmar maid

    Ref: ONECLICK-MM1260 MEE

    New/Fresh maid
    Height: 152 (cm)
    Weight: 63 (Kg)
    Religion: Christian
    Education: High School
    Se Thar Mee, 23, Married with a 4 year old girl, is a Christian maid. She is best in housekeeping. She speaks fairly good English and a little Mandarin. She wants to come to Singapore to work to support her family.
  • maid photo of Eli Dahlia, ONECLICK-ID1135E ELI
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    Indonesian maid


    Transfer maid
    Height: 156 (cm)
    Weight: 57 (Kg)
    Religion: Muslim
    Education: Secondary Level
    Eli, 37, divorced with a 18 year old son, is an experienced maid. She first started work as a housemaid in Jakarta working for a family of 4 adults (sir, mdm, grandma, sir's brother) and 2 children (6 months old baby girl when she started; after 1.5year, another baby came along). They stayed in a terrace house. After 5 years with them, she came to Singapore to work for a Chinese family staying in a 5 room flat. The family unit comprises of madam, sir, grandma and grandpa. When she joined, they have a 1 month old baby boy and a year later, another baby boy came along. Eli is very experienced in caring for babies. She can make milk, feed the baby, bathe, change diapers and bring the children to the clinic when they are sick. She also took care of the babies at night. She performed general household chores, washing, ironing and cooking. She worked for them for almost 3.5 year, then she went to Istanbul, Turkey to work. She worked together with 3 other maids and a driver. When she started, her employer had a 4 year old son. 3 months later, a baby girl was borned. She took care of the baby day and night. She worked for them for 4 years. She returned to Singapore in Nov2008 to work for a Chinese family with a 3.5year old son and 1.5year old daughter when she joined. 7 months later, another daughter was borned. She worked for them for only slightly more than 1.5 year because her employer defaulted on levy payment. She went back to Indonesia to rest for a few months, then came back again to work for an elderly Chinese couple staying in a 3 room flat. She was in charge of the household chores, laundry, marketing and cooking. She worked for them for only 7 months because her ah mah was always playing mahjong late into the night and asking the maid to cook and serve her friends late at night. She found it too exhausting and transferred to her current employer. Her current employer comprises of madam, sir, their grown up son and a 93 year old ah mah. Her main duty is to take care of ah mah, accompany/assist her when she's walking, bathe her, give her medication, change diapers, cook for her etc. She also does the household chores. The ah mah has just passed away, so she is now looking for a new employer. She speaks good English and some Mandarin and Hokkien. She can cook both Chinese and Western dishes such as Ngoh Hianag, Stew Pork, soup, sweet & sour pork/fish, spagethi, baked rice, lasagne, beef steak, mashed potato etc.
  • maid photo of Naw Phaw Tar Sh., KY032Naw Phaw Tar Sho War
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    Myanmar maid

    Ref: KY032Naw Phaw Tar Sho War

    Transfer maid
    Height: 160 (cm)
    Weight: 64 (Kg)
    Religion: Christian
    Education: High School
    ** Not available any more, MAID HAS BEEN SELECTED BY EMPLOYER
    ** Profile for archived only

    Naw Paw Sar To War is A TRANSFER MAID FROM MYANAMR. SHE is married with 3 children and is no.2 (of 5 siblings) is able to cook and fix meals and is willing to learn Asian cooking worked in Myanmar before and looked after children and elderly has a cheerful and pleasant character and looks forward to be in another employer soon briefly looked after an elderly woman and housework (but could not understand & speak Mandarin/ Malay)
  • maid photo of Moh Moh Tun , ONECLICK-MS1100 MOH MOH TUN
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    Myanmar maid


    New/Fresh maid
    Height: 163 (cm)
    Weight: 45 (Kg)
    Religion: Budddhist
    Education: High School
    Moh Moh Tun, 24, Single, Buddhist, is a new maid. Her father is a farmer and her mother is a housewife. She can do general housework and has looked after her elderly grandmother. She can cook pork curry, chicken curry etc. She speaks simple English and undersstands a liitle Mandarin as her mother is Chinese.
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