Full body photo of Filipino maid: CAJES JERAME HAGUTIN
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Ex-Singapore maid
Filipino maid
English: (Good)
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Full body photo of Filipino maid: CAJES JERAME HAGUTIN
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this maid is able to handle pork.
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Employment Record

Country Main Duties
2010 2012 Kuwait Take care 2 months, 4yo, 6yo, 12yo (Special child), assists their daily routine & needs. changing diapers, shower baby, and etc 2 YEARS
2012 2014 Other Countries Does all general housekeeping, cleaning, ironing, washing, laundry, and etc. 2 YEARS 5 MONTHS
2014 2016 Other Countries Handle all general household chores, cleaning, washing, ironing, laundry, and etc. 2A+2C, 2 Storey house 2 YEARS 2 MONTHS
2019 2022 Singapore Does all house chores, cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, laundry,marketing and etc. 3 YEARS 3 MONTHS

Maid Skills

Areas of Work Willingness Experience Evaluation
Care of infants/children 9 Year(s)
Care of elderly
Care of disabled
General housework 9 Year(s)
Cooking 9 Year(s)

Maid Introduction

She has more than 6 years experience working in Middle east and 3. 2 years with an Chinese employer in Singapore. From 2010-2012, she is working at Kuwait. She is working with another helper in the same house. Then she worked to Saudi from 2012-2014. She mainly handle all the general household chores for the employer.

After that, she worked to Dubai for a American family and completed the contract. Her job scope are also household chores. They stay in a 2 storey landed house with 4 people. After she resting for a few years, she working to Singapore since 2019 until now. Been with an Chinese family for 3. 3 years. She will handle all general household chores, cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, and etc.

She can cook some Chinese food, Filipino food & Western food likes mushroom soup, pasta, Macaroni, Chicken curry, Grill fillet & Chicken wings, Steam egg, Fried rice, Fried Bihun, Hokkien noodles, Baked Potato, Grill Broccoli, Salmon, Curry noodles with Mince pork, and etc.

She is friendly, polite, humble, and methodical person.

She wanted to continue working to Singapore because she still need more money to support her family and her own better.
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Maid Agency: Assured Employment Services Pte Ltd

(License No.: 12C6192)

Address: 865 Mountbatten Road #B1-60,
Katong Shopping Centre, Singapore 437844
Tel: 6346 7218
Contact Person: Shenny Ng
Handphone: 90776128
Office Hour: 11am to 7.30pm Monday to Friday
11am to 5pm Saturday
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays
Branch Office 1: 865 Mountbatten Road #B1-60 ,
Katong Shopping Centre Singapore ,
Singapore 437844
Tel: Call 63467218 or whatsapp 9077 6128/8558 0852
Contact Person: Shenny Ng

Assured Employment
Services Pte Ltd
is an experienced and well-established maid
agency in Singapore. The company is ACCREDITED with Philippine
Embassy and Indonesia Embassy and we are committed to provide you with the best
domestic helpers to meet your needs.

In order to give you the best, we
choose to personally screen and interview the applicants before recommending to
you. All the applicants will have to undergo proper trainings and assessments
to ensure that they possess the relevant skillset such as house cleaning,
laundry, ironing and cooking before they are deployed to work. Those who are
willing or relevant experience in areas such as infant care and elderly care will
be given trainings on this specific area.

We also understand that different
employers will have different needs. Our staffs are fully trained to understand
your needs and will recommend the best match to you. Do feel free to call us for
a no obligation discussion.


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Maid Agency:
Assured Employment Services Pte Ltd
Contact Person:
Shenny Ng

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