Full body photo of Filipino maid: Angoluan Media Noche Pascual
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Angoluan Media Noche Pascual
Transfer maid
Filipino maid
English: (Good)
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Full body photo of Filipino maid: Angoluan Media Noche Pascual
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Able to handle pork?
this maid is able to handle pork.
Able to eat pork?
this maid can eat pork.

Employment Record

Country Main Duties
2017 2023 Singapore Kim performed cleaning, laundry and ironing. She assisted the other helper with cooking. She also assisted the other helper with taking care of the family's 4 years old girl and 7 years old boy. The employer does not require 2 helpers as the kids are big now, 1 helper is enough.

Maid Skills

Areas of Work Willingness Experience Evaluation
Care of infants/children 6 Year(s)
Care of elderly
Care of disabled
General housework 6 Year(s)
Cooking 6 Year(s)
Language Skill: English 6 Year(s)

Maid Introduction

In her 6 years of experience, she has taken care of children and infants in the households and does so with ease.

Kim does the usual housekeeping including cleaning, cooking, laundry and ironing. She is diligent in completing all household chores and does so thoroughly and without any supervision

Kim is able to cook Chinese and Western cuisines well. This includes buttered prawns, fried fish with sauce, braised pork ribs, chicken curry, fish curry, minced pork with tofu, prawn masala hot spicy, roast chicken, roast mixed vegetables, spaghetti and baked pasta.

Kim is available for transfer by 22 March 2023. She assisted the other helper with cooking.


For enquiries / interview, kindly contact us at 90604594 / 85227196 or Whatsapp us here: https://wa. me/+6590604594 or https://wa. me/+6585227196.
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Maid Agency: Happ Employment Pte Ltd

(License No.: 22C0926)

Address: 350 Orchard Road,
#11-08, Suite 63, Singapore 238868
Tel: 90604594 / 85227196
Contact Person: Rebecca / Mizra
Handphone: 90604594 / 85227196
Office Hour: Monday to Friday: 9AM to 7PM

Happ - the Helper App is a socially responsible, technology driven platform made for helpers to connect with each other and to potential employers; we empower both helpers and employers to create better connections.

We firmly believe in and practice fair employment practices. We provide an ethical way of hiring domestic workers in Singapore - we never take a salary deduction from the helper for transfers. You can be ensured of great customer service and quality standards. Our agents are qualified and registered EA personnel with the Ministry of Manpower.

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Maid Agency:
Happ Employment Pte Ltd (License No.:22C0926)
Contact Person:
Rebecca / Mizra
90604594 / 85227196

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